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Jim Mendrinos

Jim Mendrinos

Jim Mendrinos has a 30-year career in stand-up comedy and an unmatched expertise in how to get the most from a performer. He is the common man with uncommon comedy observations. From world politics to the politics of personal relationships, his comedy covers a wide spectrum of humanity.

Inspired by his New York City roots and an eclectic collection of artists—including comics Robert Klein, Richard Pryor, and Freddie Prinze, with traces of John Coltrane, Jack Kerouac and Beyond the Fringe—he carries on an hour-long conversation with the audience. His act is a comedic exploration of emotional peaks and valleys challenging the audience to mine the topics with him. 

A Gotham Comedy Club comic, Mendrinos is author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing and teaches intensives in New York City. His comedy has been featured on stand-up stages around the world, and on SiTV, Comedy Central, the Fox News Network, HBO, and the BBC. 

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