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Renee Martin-Nagle

Renee Martin-Nagle

Renee Martin-Nagle, Secretary/Treasurer of the Omega Board of Directors, is devoting her second career to environmental issues, dividing her energies between aviation and global fresh water. She is president and chief executive officer of A Ripple Effect PLC, a visiting scholar at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC, and a freelance journalist with OOSKAnews, a global water publication. During her first career, she served for more than 20 years as the head lawyer for Airbus Americas, retiring in 2011 as vice president, general counsel, chief compliance officer, head of environmental affairs, corporate secretary, and a member of the board of directors.

During her time in the aviation industry, Renee was active in legal and women’s groups, speaking at numerous conferences, serving on board of directors, establishing scholarship programs and mentoring young professionals. However, the birth of her first grandson in 2007 inspired her to dedicate her life to preserving the planet for future generations, and that same year she returned to law school at night while continuing to work full-time. In 2010 she earned a master’s degree in environmental law with highest honors from George Washington University, and her master’s degree thesis on preserving the water in fossil aquifers for all living creatures won a prize for environmental scholarship, with the proceeds being donated to the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL).

Renee’s spiritual training began with the Sisters of Mercy and the Franciscan priests, whose philosophy of service continues to guide her, and she has gone on to explore Kabbalistic healing, Buddhism, Taoism, and shamanism. For nearly 15 years, Omega has been opening spiritual pathways for her, and she is honored to serve on the board of directors.

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