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Llyn Roberts

Llyn Roberts, MA, is an award-winning author and a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism. Her dynamic teaching and writing styles incorporate a background in contemplative psychotherapy, Tibetan Buddhism, work in remote locations with diverse indigenous shamanic groups, Reiki, and Western body-mind approaches to healing.

Roberts holds a master's degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology and was initiated by shamans in South America and Siberia. She has trained extensively with Ecuadorian Quechua healers and facilitated sacred journeys to indigenous people living in remote regions of the Amazon, the Asian steppes, high Andes, and in ancient Mayalands. She translates ancient techniques into modern day practices to transform personal imbalances, open to our higher purpose, deepen our relationship to spirit and nature, and reclaim our power to make a positive difference in the world.

The former director of Dream Change, Llyn Roberts is founder and president of the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle. She serves as adjunct faculty for Union Graduate School and the Graduate Institute, teaches at a variety of educational institutions, and facilitates annual journeys to work intensively with Mayan elders. She was a consultant to the University of Massachusetts Sustainability Institute and the Panama-based not for profit organization, EarthTrain.

Her books include the Independent Publisher's Award-winning Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness (integrating spirituality and shamanism with ecology), The Good Remembering and Shamanic Reiki (with Robert Levy), and her most recent book, Speaking With Nature, coauthored with Sandra Ingerman. A modern-day mystic who lived deep in the Hoh Rain Forest for almost two years with her partner, Mick Dodge, Llyn Roberts and her work inspire a deep sense of belonging with the natural world. 

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