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Omega Center for Sustainable Living: What is radical reciprocity?

Matt: When most people think about reciprocity, they think about how a relationship can be of mutual benefit to the people involved. This...

Self-hatred is the hidden underbelly of all the violence and nastiness in the world.

Self-hatred may seem like too strong a word to some. "I have a little self-doubt," you may say, "but I don't hate myself." Yet if you doubt, judge, or...

The pathway was simple. We came here through our parents. As children of our parents, we are connected to something vast that extends backward in time, literally to the beginning of humanity itself. Through our parents, we are plugged into the...

I’ve been professionally communicating intuitively with animals for more than 17 years, and casually communicating with them for my entire life.

Working with thousands of animals and their humans has created a unique opportunity for me: I...

Gloria Steinem, writer, activist, and women’s rights movement leader, reminds us that the work done in the home has to be counted as productive labor in our economy.

Riane Eisler, an eminent social scientist and activist, attorney, and author, explains why it's crucial to count life-sustaining labor as productive work in the economics of society.

Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women's Leadership Center (OWLC), encourages us to engage in mindful conversation in order to find common ground & shared humanity.

Activist, youth educator and cofounder of A Call to Men, Tony Porter describes the fears that hold men back and expresses his optimism for a future of equity and social justice.

Riane Eisler, an eminent social scientist and activist, attorney, and author, gives the numbers on the high return of investing in social care across business, education, health, and quality of life.


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