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Get Involved

Join the Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council is comprised of generous supporters who are instrumental in contributing to Omega and our key initiatives. The council is a non-governing body that shares the mission and values of Omega. Members are encouraged to identify mission-driven activities for which they have a passion and a desire to help.  Contact


Each year, people from all walks of life join Omega's seasonal community to be part of something larger than themselves, practice compassionate service, and engage in meaningful work and service as part of our immersive holistic studies learning experience. Now, more than ever, people are seeking ways in which they can be a part of the healing that is needed in our world. Please visit our seasonal community page for more information to become a short-term volunteer or seasonal staff.

Attend Omega Circle Gatherings

Throughout the year, Omega’s community of supporters (the Omega Circle) gathers for opportunities to reconnect, share, and be inspired. Attend the Omega Benefit Celebration, join private gatherings at urban events, and bring new expertise to groups of supportive individuals with a passion for Omega’s vision for the future. Contact

Stay Informed

Join the eOmega community and receive regular email updates about Omega programs and events. Follow us on Facebook for a daily dose of inspiration and community.

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