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How Would You Live If You Knew You Were Being Guided?

How Would You Live If You Knew You Were Being Guided?

Gabrielle Bernstein's simple journaling exercise can help you stop stressing out and start trusting the universe.


Omega Institute How Would You Live If You Knew You Were Being Guided? by Gabrielle Bernstein

So much of the anxiety, stress, and turmoil we experience comes from our lack of faith in the universe. We believe that we need to make everything happen and plan every detail to feel safe. We live our lives controlled by outcomes and future plans. In fleeting moments we reconnect with the flow of the universe, such as when we’re feeling serene on a meditation pillow, gazing at a still lake in the midst of a walk, or sweating it out in a yoga class. Fleeting moments of connection remind us of our truth. But what would life be like if we always remembered that we were being guided? How different would we be?

For this exercise I suggest that you create a vision statement. At the top of the page in a notebook, write: What would my life be like if I knew I was always being guided? Then spend five minutes on your answer. Set a timer and free associate. Let go of all your fears and small-minded thoughts. Surrender to your creative thoughts and imagine what life would be like if you knew you were being guided. Let your pen flow.

When the timer beeps, read what you wrote and breathe in the feelings that come up as you read. Are there feelings of disbelief? Or do you feel an intuitive sense that this is how life should be? If you’re feeling even the slightest sense of peace after reading your vision statement then you’re tapping into your truth. There is a place within each of us that truly believes that we are being guided. Each moment of the day the ego works hard to keep us disconnected from that truth. It’s our job to unlearn the ego’s fear and remember our faithful truth.

Let your vision statement remind you that you are always being guided—even when times are tough. In the moments when you cannot possibly see a positive outcome to the experience you’re having, it’s imperative that you trust in the universe. Your trust and faith offers you an opportunity to learn, grow, and heal. Often we see difficult times as punishment from the universe or we decide to lose our faith in God and love altogether. When times are tough we need faith more than ever. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, living with a health condition, or struggling with a difficult decision. No matter your circumstances you can decide now to believe you are guided at all times. When you accept this you can truly live happy and free. Genuine freedom comes from knowing the universe has your back.

Use what you wrote as a freedom statement that you can turn to whenever you’re in doubt. It is a strong reminder of your connection to the universe and the energy presence that is always supporting you.

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