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7 Creative Styles of Yoga to Try

7 Creative Styles of Yoga to Try

When it comes to getting creative with yoga, you never know where the practice might take you. It could be in the water, into the wilderness, or dancing to the beat of African drums. If you want to go beyond sun salutations in a studio, try one of these creative styles of yoga.


  • Photo: Afroflowyoga.com

    Afro Flow Yoga™

    A fusion of vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga with African dance movement, this yoga class includes rhythmic movements and will help you increase the range of motion in your hips. It was the connection of African spirituality, yogic principals, nature, and a transformational trip through Africa and the Caribbean that inspired Leslie Salmon Jones and her husband, Jeff W. Jones, to create it.



  • Budokon®

    Budokon founder Cameron Shayne created this style by taking traditional hatha yoga and mixing it with martial arts to create a practice that translates to “the way of the warrior spirit." Budokon classes are a sweaty mix of mindful movement with special attention to building your strength and agility.

  • Photo: Rob Lenfestey

    Slackline Yoga

    Slackline Yoga (or slackasana as its fans call it) is yoga that takes place on slackline—a one-inch piece of webbing that hangs between two trees. Many people might consider just standing on a slackline a massive feat, but in this style of yoga, created by Yogaslackers, you can push yourself to develop even more balance, power, and confidence.

  • Warm Water Yoga

    This style of yoga, developed by Terry Roth Schaff, is designed to help soothe pain and stiffness with the support of water. These classes explore standing, suspended, and floating poses in a pool with props. No need for prior swimming or yoga experience.

  • Photo: Rob Lenfestey

    Wilderness Yoga

    This style of yoga takes the practice off the mat and takes participants to the uneven, dynamic surfaces of rock and root. “While yoga in studios is a good first step, it only trains a small part of our muscles,” says Wilderness Yoga creator Rob Lenfestey. “Each pose in the wild is different than the last and offers an opportunity not only to delve deeper into one’s own self but to deepen our ability to attune with the environment around us.”



  • Photo: Envisionyoga.com

    Envision Yoga

    Envision Yoga is designed to take you on a dynamic journey through the chakras, bringing together hatha yoga and Kundalini Yoga-inspired movements with insightful mantras and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Founder Vidya Heisel created this style to help practitioners supercharge their manifestations and dreams. 

  • Photo: Yogaofenergyflow.com

    Meridian Yoga

    Meridian Yoga, created by Daniel Orlansky, is designed to help free blocks in the body, mind, and spirit. This yoga style blends ancient and modern techniques to balance the body’s meridian pathways. In Meridian Yoga classes, expect yoga asanas, qigong, breathing exercises, partner work, and shiatsu massage (to allow prana (life force) to flow more freely).

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